1)   Wire saw (high tensile, 60lb working strength with handle straps)

  • Made of 8 independent, tightly woven stainless steel wires
  • Standard issue used by the British Military (United Kingdom Special Forces)
  • Can be used in areas hard to reach with a traditional saw
  • Cuts through wood, bone and soft metals like aircraft aluminum
  • Canvas strap handles make it easier to form the wire saw into a bow for the most effective cutting 


2) Wet gear? no problem. Hand a dry line and shave some kindling with the razor blade to get things drying.

  • Provided with a tin
  • 25 feet of 250lb breaking strength rope
  • 1 wooden rope spool
  • 1 single sided razor blade

3) The heart of every good campsite is the campfire. It's easy to get a fire going no matter the weather with this kit.

  • 5 Waterproof Tinder Quick fire starters
  • 10 waterproof matches 
  • 1 striker

4) This water purification kit lets you Stay hydrated safely no matter where you are on your adventures:

  • Provided with a tin
  • 10 Aquatab water purification tablets
  • 1 set of Aquatab instructions (also useful for starting a fire)
  • 1 Whirl-Pak Stand-up Water Bag
VSSL Refills and Accessories

VSSL Refills and Accessories

One Colour
Rope and Razor Blade