Hillsound Cypress 6


The Hillsound Cypress6 Crampon is a six-point instep cleat perfect for non-technical trekking on snow, ice or glaciers. Utilizing a simple ratchet buckle, the Cypress6 bindings make it easy to take the crampon on and off quickly. There is also an easy-to-use width adjuster making the Cypress winter traction system compatible with almost all footwear. Carry case included.

- The Cypress6 features 6 carbon steel spikes of 2cm length.
- Perfect for use in deep snow and ski fields.
- One size fits all.
- Ratchet style buckle is easy to get on and off while wearing gloves.

Spike Material: Heat-treated Carbon Steel
Harness Material: Elastomer
Spike Height: 2cm-2.6cm / 3/4″-1″
Spike Number: 6
Weight: 550g (19.4oz)


Before every use check over the product to ensure there is no damage such as loose buckles, tears, loose bolts, or warped or broken metal. If damage is discovered discontinue use to prevent further damage and potential injury.

Test crampons prior to use for proper fit. Check positioning of shoe so that it is sitting snugly against the heel holder and the base plate sits under the arch of the shoe.


Always put on and remove crampons while seated and in a flat clear area to avoid falling over while balancing. Place the crampon flat on the ground and your shoe inside it to get an idea of how much you will need to widen the base plate to fit your shoe. The base plate width can be adjusted to accommodate different size and types of shoe. Remove the crampon from your foot and insert the Alan key into the metal bolt and turn in an anti-clockwise direction to widen the plate. Turn in a clockwise direction to make the base plate narrower in width.

To fasten the product, place rear of shoe against the heel strap, and the sole of the shoe flat against the base plate.  Lift the ratchet buckle and feed the top strap through the ratchet buckle. Repeat process for the bottom ratchet buckle. Use the ratchets to fasten, tightening until you feel a snug fit and the crampon does not move on your shoe.

To remove crampon, pull up on bottom buckle tab and slide straps out of buckle system. Repeat for top ratchet buckle. Remove foot from crampon.


Hillsound Cypress6 is designed for recreational activities, such as backcountry and winter hiking, and is not made for technical climbing. These are not a mountaineering crampon. Avoid using crampons when on stairs or river crossings. Only use crampons in snow and icy conditions. This product has been tested to -50ºC. Under temperatures colder than -50ºC the polycarbonate buckles and metal can become brittle and break. Avoid contact with any chemicals as they may interfere with the integrity of the crampon.


Transport crampons using a sturdy bag so as to protect the spikes from damaging personal belongings. Always position the spikes away from the body when transporting them.


After use crampons must be thoroughly cleaned, dried and stored in a cool dry place. The carbon steel base plate can rust. To prevent rust they can be oiled after use and drying. Topical rusting on carbon steel plates can be removed by scrubbing with metal brush. Oil the scrubbed surface if necessary.