DiCAPac WP-410 Waterproof Camera Case


The DicaPac WP410 Waterproof case for digital cameras are made of non-toxic materials (RoHS) and are tested and are of waterproof grade JIS IPX8 (Japaness Industrial Standard's highest waterproof grade). Underwater lab tested to 16ft . Patented roll and velcro zipper system which allows full funtionality of camera controls. It also has a removable optical lens with diffused reflection prevention. The big addition is a polycarbonate quality lens (clear and hard to break) opening that lets you take pictures with zoom control even when the camera is in the pouch. The lens has a 3-layer coating both inside and outside. (UV coating, Water repellent coating, Scratch resistance coating for quality pictures.) It also floats when you drop it into water.
  • The DicaPac WP410 case fits for over 200 cameras from major brands up to sizes of 7.5-Inch round X 4.0-Inch width with zoom lens of 0.7-Inch X 1.5-Inch and comes with 0.12-Inch thick extention ring for longer zoom lenses.
  • Guaranteed 100% waterproof performance for up to 16ft (5m) depth.
  • Transparent and flexible case design for easy camera control.
  • Patented zipper and double roll velcro water proof system.
  • DiCAPac waterproof cases are 100% waterproof, snow-proof, dirt-proof and the perfect investment for year-round protection.
Product Dimensions 3.7 x 5.7 x 1.4 inches
Item Weight 2.9 ounces