Faber Sommet


SOMMET n.m. (lat. summum): French for 'summit'; the highest point of a mountain.

The Sommet was selected BEST SNOWSHOE TO DO IT ALL by the Outside Magazine andBEST ALL-MOUNTAIN snowshoe by the Backpacker Magazine. Scroll down for more info.

The Sommet was created by blending the premiere features of our running and backcountry snowshoes in order to bring you the lightest mountaineering snowshoe on the market. The Sommet comes equipped with a superior binding, our lightest frame and decking combination, our best heel lifter and burly crampons. This snowshoe is built for day hikes in mountainous conditions and fitness hikes on icy and unpredictable terrain. The 8x22'' weights only 3.35 lbs and the 8x26'' weights only 3.55 lbs.

This series of high mountain snowshoes is constructed with our WTD patented decking and a open rear end aluminium frame with powder coating finish to prevent snow adhesion. The Sommet is assembled with our Sport Pivoting system, incorporating an axis made from high-density carbon steel that is twice as strong and 40% lighter than stainless steel. This suspended pivot will provides great comfort and control on uneven terrain. Positioned up front, this system is perfect for mountain use. The Sommet's low temperature impact copolymer decking withstands to temperatures down to -40° C (-40° F) and is treated against U.V. rays.

The model's Quattro ZE360 binding offers 360° enclosure of the user’s boot with a triple zenith buckle binding  to ensure secure attachment during the gnarliest traverses and incorporates a full toe box stopper to keep the user's boot in place during descents. The crampons are constructed of long-wearing tempered steel treated with a powder coating finish to prevent balling of snow. The six-inch-long multidirectional front claw and the five-inch-long multidirectional rear crampons provide optimum traction on rugged terrain. The heel lifter integrated in the double density heel plate eases climbing  and is easily deployed either by hand or with the aid of a pole.

If you get out on the mountainside often and you need the lightest possible snowshoe with the great traction and a heel lifter, the Sommet is the snowshoe for you