climbOn Mini Bar


climbOn Bar was originally formulated for rock climbers skin, being used to help the body repair from extreme use and environmental conditions. It's crossed all barriers since it works on any skin type and any skin issue.

Each ingredient is specifically chosen for what it does for you mentally as well as physically. This is why we say all of our ingredients are active. It's a community working to support skin repair as well as mental & emotional balance.

The physical properties of this product include analgesic, antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-toxic, cicatrizant (wound healing), insecticide, vulnerary, bactericidal, astringent, stimulates white corpuscles, and more. WOW! 


  • Climb On! Original, All-Natural, Multipurpose, and Intensive Skin Care Bar - 0.5 oz
  • This 100% Pure, Organic Product Is Used By Everyone From Rock Climbers to Babies
  • Use For Cuts, Scrapes, Blisters, Burns, Diaper Rash, Dry Skin, Poison Ivy And So Much More!
  • Intense Nourishment For All Ages And Safe For All Skin Types! Use It On Your Face, Hands, Body
  • Manufactured in the USA Using 100% Organic Ingredients. Biodegradable, Non-Toxic, and Chemical Free