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Arcade Belts

The Original Adventure Belt: Raise your hand if you wanted to go to space camp as a kid. It's totally cool to admit, so don't be shy. We're guessing that you might not have had that camp dream come true. We're here to help pick up the pieces of your shattered childhood with the Rambler Space Camp belt. 4...3...2...1 blast off knowing your pants are secure for a quick jaunt to the moon or to the corner bodega.

The first ever belt designed for all your adventures. Built to move, to use and abuse and to be comfortable through any activity.  Stretchy comfort. Non-Slip Buckle. Out of the way Low-Profile Design. Weather-Proof Materials.


  • Full stretch
  • Slim Polymer Buckle.
  • Sizing: 1.5" belt width. One size fits most. 44" Max Size